The rebranding of Phenicie's Furniture Restoration christens the beginning of Phenicie's online presence. Tradition meets the internet with classic emblematic design. Inspiration for the circular, emblematic design originated directly from the shop culture at Phenicie's. Mark is a former Marine, and has Marine Corps emblems visible in multiple locations of the shop. The emblem includes traditional all caps sans-serif "Hoefler" font, a sawblade, rope embellishment, an antique bandsaw, and a blue ribbon. The circular elements, and text are meant to evoke feelings of tradition. The designerly sawblade, and bandsaw are masculine icons, but are meant to evoke feelings of craftsmanship and creative possibilities. The blue ribbon is communicates "local business". The Colors featured of Gray-Blue, 30% gray, 70% gray, and Olive Green are purposed to appeal directly appeal to the sustainable living lifestyle which is congruent with the company's mission. 


Phenicie Restorations | 16335 Lima Road Building #10, Huntertown, Indiana USA . | (260) 637-0029