Advocates of Sustainability and historical preservation.

Choosing to preserve furniture instead of throwing it away is frugal stewardship of one's resources. The ideology of sustainable living gains momentum as more and more people seek solutions to 21st century social, economical and environmental problems. You've heard the phrase, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." Restoration fits right in! 

The craftsmen have a vast understanding of antique furniture from both historical and technical perspectives. We ensure that through the restoration process, antiquity and value is maintained. Antique dealers, collectors, and manufacturers of new furniture continue to trust Phenicie’s to restore their most prized pieces.



Phenicie Restorations is a full service furniture restoration shop located in the heartland of the USA (Huntertown, Indiana). 

Specializing in furniture repair and the preservation of antiques. Special care is given to each item. Careful attention and craftsmen expertise ensures that your antiques—and your investments—last for generations to enjoy.

Restoration Experts

We are artisans of wood, and masters of the craft. From general repairs to complete aesthetic makeovers. Bring us your restoration projects, and you'll be impressed with our craftsmanship and ability to give new life and value to your furniture. But don't just believe it because we say so, take a look for yourself at our recent projects.

Antique Aficionados

Some people like a house full of cats. We like a house full of antiques and cats, too. Yep, just like that. It's especially rewarding to hear of the stories connected with each piece.


Phenicie Restorations | 16335 Lima Road Building #10, Huntertown, Indiana USA . | (260) 637-0029